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Gay and Lesbian Movies on DVD
Better Then Chocolate DVDBetter Than Chocolate DVD
A sexy romp of love and lust with surprising results. Maggie (Karyn Dwyer) meets the woman of her dreams Kim (Christina Cox) just hours before her mother, Lilia (Wendy Crewson), and brother, Paul (Kevin Mundy), move in with her. When the four end up sharing a loft, Maggie believes she must keep her affair a secret but it is Maggie's clandestine romance that inadvertently introduces her family to a host of new experiences, all of which are potentially better than chocolate.  102 min.  $15.95

Go Fish DVDGo Fish DVD
Love, comedy, gossip, dating and matchmaking... all part of this now-classic lesbian movie. Filmed in glorious black and white, Go Fish is a fun and sexy glimpse into the lives, loves, and drama of a cluster of lesbian friends. So genuine, so familiar, you'll find yourself tittering with delight and watching this video again and again. 83 min

Based on the tragic life and times of America's first supermodel. Set in the late 1970's in New York City - Studio 54, designer jeans, drugs and disco. One girl is living life in the fast lane. She can have any man - or any woman she wants. Sex, money, glamour, fame - it's all within her reach.
Starring: Angelina Jolie.  120 min    $15.95

Boys Don't Cry DVD
Boys Don’t Cry DVD

One of the best films in 1999. A true story about hope, fear and the courage it takes to be yourself.
Hilary Swank won her first Oscar® for Best Actress in this riveting film.
114 min

Friends and Family DVD
Friends and Family DVD

“A cross between La Cage aux Folles and The Sopranos.” Variety  

Stephen and Danny are a hip Manhattan gay couple that have only one little secret – they work for the mob! To host a party for Steven’s Dad, they enlist their fellow mobsters to pose as gay waiters at their fake catering company – with hilarious complications!  87 min. DVD is CC.   $24.95 


Big Eden
Big Eden DVDSometimes when you finally let go, you find something worth holding on to.
Big Eden is a tiny town tucked away in the timberland of northwestern Montana, where cowboys lounge on the porch of the general store to pass the time away. It's also the childhood home of Henry Hart (Arye Gross, Ellen, Citizen Baines), a successful but lonely New York artist, who returns after years away to care for his ailing grandfather. Back home, Henry confronts his unrequited passion for his high school best friend and his feelings about being gay in a small town. But, as we quickly learn, Big Eden residents defy the stereotype of "small town, small minds." As Henry works though his emotions, the townspeople quietly conspire to help him along, until Henry realizes new possibilities for both friendship and romance.BIG EDEN is a uniquely American fable about home and family. It hits upon the universal longing and hope we each have for finding a place where we are loved, and the unconditional desire to see those that we love find happiness.  *Favorite Stars you'll enjoy seeing include:  Arye Gross, Ellen, Citizen Baines  Louise Fletcher, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest  Eric Schweig, Skins    *Two Disc DVD with many extra features, including:  Director’s Commentary on movie & deleted scenes,Letterbox,Chapter Stops,Cast/Crew Interviews, Bonus Footage, Recipes, Theatrical Trailer 107 min  2 Discs $24.95

Chutney Popcorn
Chutney Popcorn
“A sexy, engaging comedy…” –Vanity Fair
Reena and Lisa are young, happy and in love. But when Reena agrees to become a surrogate mother for her childless sister, the cultural divide between Reena’s Indian family and their lesbian lifestyle hits home. Chutney Popcorn is a delightful and heartfelt comedy about the cultural struggles between immigrant parents and their Americanized children and the strength of family ties. Ultimately, Chutney Popcorn offers a refreshing look at one contentious and loving family reinventing itself. NR

But I'm A Cheerleader DVD
But I’m A Cheerleader DVD

Megan (Natasha Lyonne, Everyone Says I Love You) has it all. She’s popular, pretty, dates the captain of the football team, and she’s a cheerleader. To Megan’s surprise, one day her family and friends confront her with evidence that she is gay: she’s a vegetarian, she doesn’t like kissing her boyfriend, and she’s got a poster of a cheerleader in her locker. In spite of Megan’s protests, her parents send her packing to a homosexual rehabilitation camp, “True Directions.” There, Megan works hard at becoming straight, until she gets to know Graham (Clea Duvall, Girl Interrupted). This John Waters influenced comedy brilliantly blends humor with romance as Megan finds the courage to be herself. Also featuring RuPaul and Mink Stole.90 min.


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All movies are American format, Region Code 1, NTSC. We do not carry PAL format movies.


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