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Gay Interest Movies on DVD

Friends and Family DVD
Friends and Family DVD
�A cross between La Cage aux Folles and The Sopranos.� Variety  

Stephen and Danny are a hip Manhattan gay couple that have only one little secret � they work for the mob! To host a party for Steven�s Dad, they enlist their fellow mobsters to pose as gay waiters at their fake catering company � with hilarious complications!  87 min. DVD is CC. $24.95   


Priscilla, Queen of the DesertPriscilla: Queen of the Desert DVD
The Adventures of Priscilla: Queen of the Desert is proof that sometimes all you need for a good time is the right friends, the right music, and the right outfits! In an acting turn hailed by Rolling Stone as "one of the best performances of the year", Terence Stamp plays Bernadette, a drag queen about to relive her theatrical glory days with two young friends on one wild road trip. Billed for a gig in rural Alice Springs (smack in the middle of Australia), the trio hits the highway in a bus dubbed "Priscilla". Their act might fly in civilized Sydney, but the outrageous costumes, disco music and dancing is getting some pretty interesting feedback at every stop along the way. Bernie, Mitzi and Felicia are finding out that you can't shock anyone these days- but you  can have fun trying!  102 min

Treading Water DVD
Treading Water

Casey is a longshorewoman who seems to have everything she wants; she lives on a boat with her beautiful social worker girlfriend Alex, and they are very much in love. But there's nothing like the holidays to bring out the drama of the average family. Casey has rejected her privileged upbringing and restores old boats for a living just across the bay from her upper crust New England family. The proximity seems no accident: Casey can't quite let go, despite her family's judgmental and inescapable hold on her otherwise independent and unconventional life. When the family reunites for Christmas, the unwrapping of presents takes a back seat to the unraveling of emotions. Beautifully filmed on the New England coast, Director Lauren Himmel uses great care in avoiding stereotypes and clich�s to fashion a tender, subtle, tense and sometimes funny look at repression and the idea of family.  Starring: Angela Redman, Nina Handey 95 Minutes

Aimee & Jaguar
Aimee & Jaguar DVD

A passionate love affair begins amidst the bombing raids and the threat of persecution. The two women write letters and poems to one another almost every day. They call one another Aim�e (Lilly) and Jaguar (Felice). But Lilly does not really know much about this woman Felice, who disappears for days on end without satisfactory explanation. Eventually, Lilly is overcome by jealousy and Felice is forced to admit that she is Jewish. Felice, who is working for a Nazi newspaper under a false name and delivering information to a resistance group, knows how dangerous this admission could be, since Lilly's husband is clearly a Nazi and there is a bust of Hitler in Lilly's flat. German with English subtitles $29.95

Laughing Matters DVD

Audiences everywhere LOVE these hilarious lesbian comics! Kate Clinton, Karen Williams, Marga Gomez and Suzanne Westenhoefer pioneered lesbian stand-up comedy. In small clubs in the 1980s and early '90s, they challenged and charmed audiences while making us laugh about discrimination and the realities of being lesbian or gay in ways few would dare. $19.95

Late Bloomers DVD
Late Bloomers DVD

A heart warming story about two women working at a Texas High School who decide to defy their community and hold a marriage ceremony. To their surprise, the community turns up to cheer rather than jeer. Part comedy, part family drama, and all love story. A Family drama written by Gretchen Dyer and directed by her sister, Julia Dyer. $24.95

But I'm A Cheerleader DVDBut I�m A Cheerleader DVD
Megan (Natasha Lyonne, Everyone Says I Love You) has it all. She�s popular, pretty, dates the captain of the football team, and she�s a cheerleader. To Megan�s surprise, one day her family and friends confront her with evidence that she is gay: she�s a vegetarian, she doesn�t like kissing her boyfriend, and she�s got a poster of a cheerleader in her locker. In spite of Megan�s protests, her parents send her packing to a homosexual rehabilitation camp, �True Directions.� There, Megan works hard at becoming straight, until she gets to know Graham (Clea Duvall, Girl Interrupted). This John Waters influenced comedy brilliantly blends humor with romance as Megan finds the courage to be herself. Also featuring RuPaul and Mink Stole. 90 min.

Salmonberries DVD

In this classic and haunting tale directed by Percy Adlon (Bagdad Caf�), two women meet and develop an unusual and unexpected relationship. k.d. lang portrays Kotz, an androgynous young Eskimo. She is attracted to Roswitha (Rosel Zech, Aim�e and Jaguar, Lola), a German expatriate and the town librarian. Although Roswitha initially rebuffs the younger woman, Kotz's innocent persistence gradually wins her over. Together, they find the freedom to face old demons and to express their hidden yearnings.  100 min   $24.95

Boys Don't Cry DVD
Boys Don�t Cry DVD
One of the best films in 1999. A true story about hope, fear and the courage it takes to be yourself.
Hilary Swank won her first Oscar for Best Actress in this riveting film.
114 min

Better Then Chocolate DVDBetter Than Chocolate DVD
A sexy romp of love and lust with surprising results. Maggie (Karyn Dwyer) meets the woman of her dreams Kim (Christina Cox) just hours before her mother, Lilia (Wendy Crewson), and brother, Paul (Kevin Mundy), move in with her. When the four end up sharing a loft, Maggie believes she must keep her affair a secret but it is Maggie's clandestine romance that inadvertently introduces her family to a host of new experiences, all of which are potentially better than chocolate.  102 min.   $15.95


All movies are American format, Region Code 1, NTSC. We do not carry PAL format movies.



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