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Gay and Lesbian Games
seduction dice gameSeduction Dice Game for Lovers!
You and your lover take it in turns to roll the Seduction die and perform
the erotic commands shown, if you are lucky enough you can proceed
to the Sex die and watch things really HEAT UP!
SEDUCTION die guide
Do a STRIP TEASE for you lover.
POUR your lover a drink of their choice.
PLAY/SING your lover their favorite song.
Give your Lover a MASSAGE.
Give your Lover a SENSUAL KISS.
SEX – Move onto the SEX die.
SEX die guide
DOMINANT – Your Lover must submit to your wildest fantasy.
SUBMISSIVE – You must submit to your Lovers wildest fantasy’s.
GIVE ORAL – You give your partner oral sex.
RECEIVE ORAL – Your partner must give you oral sex.
YOU CHOOSE – You choose a sexual position.
YOUR PARTNER CHOOSES – Your partner chooses a sexual position.

Truth or Dare! The Game that lets you Dice With Destiny
Each player takes it in turn to first roll the yellow destiny Die. Depending on what is rolled you move onto the red Truth or Dare die and your fate!
YES – Roll the Truth or Dare die.
NO – You are Lucky and don’t need to roll the Truth or Dare die for this turn.
ROLL AGAIN – Keep rolling until you get a YES or NO. If you throw three
"Roll Agains" in a row then you have to roll the "Truth or Dare" die anyway.
TRUTH or DARE die guide
TRUTH – Answer a question truthfully of your fellow players making.
DARE – Perform a Dare of your fellow players making.
YOU CHOOSE – You can choose any other player and ask them to perform either a Truth or a Dare of your choice.


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