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Gay Pride Jewelry
Pride Necklaces


gay pride rainbow necklace
Rainbow Ceramic Beads Necklace 18" $6.95

pride necklace
Pride Charm Necklace 18"
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Rainbow with Black Beads Necklace
Rainbow with Black Beads Necklace $6.95
rainbow Cross necklace
Rainbow Cross Necklace

transgender necklace
Transgender Pride Pendant
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Rainbow Yin Yang Pendant
Rainbow Yin Yang Pendant
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rainbow tubes necklace
Rainbow Aluminum Tubes Necklace 18"

Sterling Silver Pendant
Male Sterling Silver Pendant
18" $30.00

rainbow triangles necklace
Rainbow Triangle Pride Necklace

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gay pride jewelry
Two Pink Triangles Necklace 18"

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Rainbow Yin Yang Necklace
Rainbow Yin Yang Necklace $11.95

Honeycomb Female Pendant
Honeycomb Female Pendant

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female pendant
Classic Female Symbol Pendant

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Rubber Heart Necklace $5.00

gay pride
Ceramic Long Tube Beads Necklace 18" $8.95
male pendant
Classic Male Symbol Pendant
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Fimo Pendant
Fimo Triangle Necklace
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cylinder necklace charm
Rainbow Cylinder Necklace
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Female Puzzle Pendant Necklace  Female Puzzle Pendant Necklace
Female Puzzle Pendant Necklace $14.95
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Male Yin Yang Necklace
Yin Yang Necklace
Male Symbols
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Male Cross Pendant
Male Cross Pendant
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Female Cross Pendant
Female Cross Pendant
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